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Security is something that we should all take seriously. Whether you own a home or a business, ensuring the proper security measures in place is important for a range of reasons. There are a range of people out there with less than pure intentions, which you could easily find out if you don’t put right safeguards in place for your property, either residential or commercial. That’s where come in though. We provide the best security guards Jacksonville has to offer, to a suit a wide range of situations, circumstance and demands. So you can always be sure and confident your property is secure and safe.

About Us
Our entire business model is driven by one simple aim: to ensure you and your property are always safe and secure. You, or any property that you own, could easily be targeted or impacted by the behaviour of someone who is unsavoury, which could result in a litany of issues and problems. This can all be avoided, with our professional range of services. We can provide security guards for range of details and situations, which can be the perfect deterrent to prevent anyone causing any problems for you. This, and more, is what makes us the best of the security companies in Jacksonville FL.

Our Services
In any situation you find yourself in, or for any purpose, we can provide the highly professional and trained security guards that you need to ensure and maintain safety. This can be applied to both a range of residential and commercial settings. We provide a subdivision security service, using the services of both EBS security and First Coast Security, which are both reputable and highly professional organisations. Our service covers residential and commercial security, personal security, loss prevention and even event security. We offer both armed and unarmed guards. We provide the security guard service Jacksonville FL knows is professional and highly reliable.

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We can provide all your security needs for a range of residences. Everyone should feel safe and secure in their own home and neighbourhood, and this is something that can help contribute to and ensure. Whether it’s apartment complex security or homeowner’s association security, we can provide the highest quality security guards to ensure no problems or damage occur at your residence. We guarantee that you, your property or home will always be safe and secure with our security guards keeping a close an eye on things.

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If you are a business owner, then you know the importance of keeping your commercial property secure. Any willful damage or theft could cause you real nightmares, not to mention cost you money and affect your bottom line. Putting in place the necessary safeguards against such outcomes is important. Often, you might find that cameras alone aren’t enough of a deterrent. Hiring our highly trained and professional guards, however, is the perfect measure to prevent your commercial property or building becoming a target. 

 “I hired security from X2 Security Company for the last event I organised. They were perfect for the job and kept everything safe.” – Susan N.

When organising any event, it’s important to consider security, so that everyone’s safety can be ensured. Although everyone heads to a night out intending to have a good, it doesn’t always happen that way. There are a range of different ways that things can quickly get out of hand, and could get ugly, without the right intervention. Our range of security guards also specialise in event security, and can ensure that it’s guest only, everyone’s safe and the event you’ve organised is the success you intended it to be.

Tow Event Security Guard

For one reason or another, it might become necessary at some stage to hire personal security for your own protection. All of our personal security personnel receive the best possible training in order to qualify for any such position. This is so they can react quickly and decisively in any situation, and always ensure your safety. Along with this, they can help you to minimize the risks you are taking in situation you find yourself in throughout the course of your day. 

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“The loss prevention that X2 Security Company provides has really saved me. My business used incur a lot of loses as a result of theft and damage. Now it’s no longer a problem.” – Bill H.

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Loss prevention is something that you need to seriously consider if you own any type of retail business. Theft, willfully caused damage and other problems caused by the wrong kind of people can end up costing you a lot of money, as well as creating a range of headaches for you. Such people will always prey on those they think are easy targets and exploit any weakness they can find. Our loss prevention service can make your business less of an appealing target.

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Whatever your security needs are, we can meet. We have a range of options that give you real flexibility when it comes to getting the right security to fit the job you have. One such option is the choice between armed and unarmed guards. We can provide both for a range of details and tasks. Whatever the demands of the job you have, we’ve got you covered. So whether the job you have requires a degree of force, or something less low key, we can provide the guards you need. 

“I’ve always used the security guards from X2 Security Company. There’s never been a problem at my business since they’ve been there. They’re professional and great at their job.”  – Don S.

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​Security is something that concerns us all, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. Securing your property against any wilful damage, theft or other problems is important. We can provide the necessary security guards and services to help protect your home or business from anything, and anyone, unsavoury, so that you can always be confident and feel secure. You can reach our team using any of the information listed on our website.