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​We here at X2 Security Company are dedicated to upholding one single aim: keeping your property secure. Let’s face it, there’s a lot people out there with less than pure intentions, and they could easily decide to target you, your home or your business. Taking the necessary precautions now can safeguard against future problems. We’ve been doing this for years and seen it all before. With our range of services and security guards, you can put in place the best safety measures, and ensure that any problems created by any nefarious individuals are completed mitigated. We provide a subdivision security service, working with both EBS Security and First Coast Security, both well established and highly professional organisations. So you can be confident that your home, business or event will be well and truly secure.
After a consultation with us, you can quickly have a range of armed or unarmed guards patrolling and keeping a vigilant eye on your home, business, event or anything else that you like. This way, you can ensure total peace of mind. We only offer the highest quality and most professional guards, so you can be sure that the security of your property is in the best possible hands, which is nothing less than you should expect or require. That’s why our service is the very best. So, take security seriously with us and put in places the right safeguards and safety measures to prevent any problems occurring on your property.

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