​Armed & Unarmed Security

Armed Security Guard

Maintaining security is important, in a wide range of situations. However, different situations come with a different set of challenges and problems to overcome, and a one fits all solution is rarely the answer. That’s why we provide you with a range of security options, including armed or unarmed security guards, all of whom are trained and experienced in a specific field, which advantageous for a wide range of reasons. No matter the job that you have, or what you need secured, with our range of armed or unarmed guards, you can ensure its protected and that nothing is ever compromised.
Armed and Unarmed Security 
For your safety and security, we provide both armed and unarmed security guards, trained to handle and deal with a variety of situations and assignments. This flexibility in choice provides you with a range of great benefits. For this reason, you can be certain that you can get exactly what you need to match your set of circumstances and situation. Get the best in the business looking after the security of your property, business or even yourself and be confident that everything remains secure and safe. We provide the security guard service Jacksonville knows can get the job done and ensure security with true precision and professionalism.
Any Situation 
Having the option between unarmed and armed security guards just gives you greater choice and flexibility when it comes to security. If you have a situation where you need armed guards to ensure the best possible protection, we can provide it for you. If something less low key is required, then we can also provide the security guards you need in this situation too. The option just means we can meet your security needs no matter the situation, so you are always covered.
Best Possible Protection 
This flexibility in choice also ensures that you’ll get the best possible protection, to best suit your situation and circumstances, whatever they happen to be, which is nothing less than you should expect. Different situations and problems demand a different solution, and we have you covered and can provide you with best possible protection in any circumstance. A one fits all solution to any security situation simply isn’t an option for us. That’s not what we are about. Be confident you are always getting the best fit for your situation and circumstance, to guarantee the best and right protection for you.
Best Training 
Whether you decide you need armed or unarmed security guards, all of our security personnel receive the highest quality training. This way, whatever decision you make, you can ensure that the security of your property, event or person is never compromised. All of our personnel are trained to react quickly in any situation and maintain necessary safety in all situations. No matter the circumstances or situations that you might face, our team can take all the necessary action quickly and effectively to uphold safety. That’s professional standard you’ll get with us.

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​Armed Security Guard